Can anyone recommend a best detailed Bible concordance?

I am a Baptist if that helps at all.

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    Strong's and Young's are both Exhaustive Concordances (every word in the Bible), Crudens is not exhaustive to my knowledge. I assume you read KJV if Baptist, but I think you can get either Strong's or Young's also in NIV or NASB

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    4 years ago

    Strongs Exhaustive Concordance; The Interlinear Bible; The New Defender's Study Bible; The King James Version Bible. I would also recommend some excellent Lexicons

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    1 decade ago

    Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

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    Strong's Exhaustive Concordance is the mainstay of most Bible scholars.

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    If you use a computer, Nelsons Electronic library includes several translations of the scriptures a couple of commentary's, and of course Strong's concordance and Hebrew and Greek lexicon.

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    Strongs is the answer. Even though its already been posted. But, always remember to pray first. Thats the reason mankind in themselves cant understand the Bible. As Brother Paul says; The nature man receiveth "not" the things of the Spirit of God; because they are foolisness unto him. Neither can he know them, becasue they are spiritual discern.

    It is God's Word. But, without his Spirit to guide, it will be as it is to the World. Just another religious book.

    Source(s): People nit-pick about what Version of the Bible to use. However, there are "slights" of human errors in all of them. Especially the NIV, when it comes to actually Greek words. But, God's Holy Spirit guides us through all the slights of differences.
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    Strongs concordance


    Blue Letter Bible online works pretty good for me.

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    Strongs for the strong Christian, Youngs for the young, and Crudens for the crude

    Source(s): Me
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    I like Strongs, which is exhaustive.

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