There is a movie out where a guy stands in front of a house all summer to win a girl what was the name movie?

Iam looking for the name of a movie where the guy is standing in front of a girls house all summer to try and get her to notice him. If any one knows the name of this movie I would appreciate it.

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  • wch711
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    1 decade ago
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    I answered this same question about 2 weeks ago. The movie is called "Eight Days a Week." It was made in 1997 starring Keri Russell (TV's "Felicity," Mission Impossible III, We Were Soldiers) as the girl and boy was Joshua Schaefer. The guy (Peter) loves his next door neighbor Erica and, on the advice of his uncle, decides to camp out on her front lawn for the entire summer, or until she agrees to go out with him. His father is none too happy about the idea and refuses to let his son back in the house, even to get a change of clothes. The movie was written and directed by Michael DAvis and was released in 1997.

  • Don M
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    1 decade ago

    Big Fish. It's a wonderful movie, by the way.

  • 1 decade ago

    Big Fish

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