If the suffix "-stan" means country & the people of Afghanistan are Afghans, who are the people of Pakistan?

Also, can someone please explain why Pakistan should be an exception compared to Khazakstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and any other -stan?


I think Bring 'em on! has the best answer so far. Along with Shahbaz from Big Brother 7, he isn't afraid to call a spade a spade.

I am surprised that Richard asserts that the people of Pakistan aren't "pure" people. What's he trying to say?

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    Those other nations are named after the people, as in Afghanistan, homeland of the Afghans. Pakistan is not named for a people. The word "Pakistan" was created in 1933 by Rahmat Ali Chaudhry, a Cambridge law student, to refer to the independence movement that existed prior to the British decolonisation of the region. It derives from the Urdu words for "pure country". There are no "Paki" people.

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    I don't understand how you should expect anyone to know all the names of the people in Pakistan. Why can't you people learn to formulate questions correctly? I hope those words are not too big for you. Don't you people go to school?

    They are called Pakistanis

    You only show your own ignorance by this crap. If you can come close to spelling a word and are not sure of it, use the spellchecker. That is that little box up at the upper right hand top of the dialog box.

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    the people of pakistan are called pakistanis (did u try to look it up a dictionary!! =P)

    and the word 'pak' means pure

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    Are they an exception?

    As far as I know, there are no Karzaki's, Uzbeki's etc. Afghans seem to be the exception.

    'Twould have been a good trick question had you omitted the second sentence.

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    My daughters boyfriend is from Kazakhstan, he said it translates something like tribe or people.

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    They are known as Pakistanis!!! NO on the last question!

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    They mostly are call Pakistanies(sp?)

    at least thats what i've always heard

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    Pakistanis...the other part of your question is over my head...

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