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2 questions? what can i give my daughter if she is getting constipated with the whole milk...?

cause she just turned 1 and just started on the milk. 2.) when is she considered a toddler?

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    1) Start giving her soy (soya) milk. They make it in a vanilla flavor that children love. My son did not tolerate cow's milk at all. I started giving him soy milk and he loved it. He's 12 now and still does not drink cow's milk only soy milk.

    2) A toddler is called that because as they start to walk they 'toddle' all over the place. Children start walking around a year so she should be considered a toddler then.

    By the way, if your avatar is your daugher, she's a doll!!

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    Children are usually considered toddlers between 15-18 months. Maybe you can cut out the milk for another few months. Perhaps her body is not quite ready for it yet.

    I have been working at a daycare for about 3 years now, and depending on the parents and what the baby's doctor says, the children sometimes dont begin drinking real milk until they reach 15 months.

    Also, perhaps your daughter can not handle milk at all right now. There ARE other ways of getting calcium into your daughters body.... a balanced, well rounded diet. Just because she might not be able to handle milk does not mean that she can not handle cheese. There are children at my work who can eat cheese but not milk or yogurt. Every persons body is different.

    My best advice is to discontinue the milk until you discuss this with the doctor. Could it be something other than the milk causing constipated? Did you introduce any other foods at the same time? .... The doctor will probably ask you questions like that, so try to be prepared.

    And good luck, dont worry too much.

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    Did you phase in the milk or just switch? I'd mix it in with breastmilk (or formula) as you were using before. You can also give her some mashed prunes to immediately relieve her (simmer in minimal water and they'll be easy to mash).

    Oh, and I consider a toddler to be about 18 months and up... of course my youngest is 3 1/2 and I call him my baby sometimes ;-)

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    #1: When you cannot give her whole milk, you can switch her to either 2 percent milk, or else try goats milk. In reality though, when you are just starting to give them milk, you want to wean them off formula (if you can afford to of course).

    #2: Technically your child becomes a toddler when they start to walk (therefore why they are named toddlers) but age wise, I believe its when they are about 18 months when they become toddlers

    Source(s): What I have seen w/ my daughter
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    my baby had the same thing soy milk helped and its healthier and the habit sticks for life and usually considered a toddler at about 2 or 2 and a half

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    i've had this same problem with my baby (shes 15 mos now, but its been on & off since 12 mos) & i just took her to the doc.... he recommended 1 tbsp mineral oil each day, unless she gets runny then cut back to every other day, & so on until its just right.... u might want to at least call ur docs office to make sure they recommend the same dose for ur girl..... i tried prunes, a whole jar didn't even do the trick, i tried karo, no luck either...... doc also said give more juice, especially orange or prune........ good luck, i know just how u feel..... watching ur baby go thru the pains of constipation is heartwrenching.........

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    Definitely try soy. Milk can defintely make a child constipated. I had my son on a lactose free formula and then on soy milk until he was 3 or 4.

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    I would give her some prune juice. Works wonders. I think they're considered toddlers at age 2.

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    if she is having problems give her some prun juice, a 1/4 of a cup. That should work. My son can't handle regular milk he drinks soy

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    I'd call her a toddler now. Try giving her some prune juice. That always worked on my kids.

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