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Dance Dance Revolution supernova?

What's the grading scale in the game mode? Like What's the best grade and whats a bad grade.


whats the grading scale in game mode?Whats like E=, C=, D=, and B=?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Okay the best grade is the "AAA" which is what you get when you get all Perfects steps and complete all freeze arrows, the score for "AAA" is always 10,000,000 in this version of DDR. A "AA" grade is awarded when you get a score of approximently 9,500,000 points, unlike DDR Extreme and DDR Extreme 2 for PS2 SuperNOVA DOES NOT REQUIRE a full combo. "A" is easy to get once you master a song, because you will need to break past 8,100,000 points for the most part. "B" is the sign of room for improvement. "C" is just barely passing. "D" is a grade when you miss alot but not enough to fail. "E" is the failure grade when your dance gauge goes to empty at any time.

    If you see swirling stars around the grade that means you got a Full Combo (meaning you had all Greats and Perfects).

    This scoring system can be applied to DDR Extreme 2 and DDR Extreme for Playstation 2 along with the DDR SuperNOVA arcade game. Other versions of DDR have subtlely different scoring systems but the grades are simular.

  • ZZ
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    1 decade ago

    SuperNOVA's grading system is the same as 5th Mix scale.

    AAA's are the highest. You must recieve a full combo of perfects, or if marvelous is turned on, you need to FC it (full combo) with perfects and marvelouses.

    A AA is earned when you FC with perfects and greats, marvelouses and greats, or marvelouses, perfects, and greats.

    A's are earned when you have a succesion rate of 80-90%. Goods and lower judgements are acceptable.

    B's have succesion rates of 70-80%.

    C's are 60-70%.

    D's are 55-60%.

    E's are the worst. This is earned when your life bar is completly depleted.

    EDIT: The StepMania AAAA is earned with all marvelouses. The AAAAA is all ridiculous.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The best grade it a 100%

    the worst grade is -100%

    The grading scale is the same as a test, BUT it can get in to the negitive

  • 1 decade ago

    E= worse, AAA= best.

    E means your life meter got depleted, A mean you got around 85% of the song's steps, AA is when you have about 95%, and AA is 100% (All perfects)

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