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Anonymous asked in PetsCats · 1 decade ago

Cat medicine...?

My cat 14 years old. She is diabetic. She's on tapezol. I ran out of medicine. How long will she last with out it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    she is 14 and you are doing the best you can!!! at least you have her on meds... call the vet first thing tuesday morning..get the script she on insulin?? thats the one you dont want to run out are a great parent for getting her on meds to begin with (which alot of people dont!!) and 14 is a good age you have done well....Happy New

    ps tapazol is used for thyroid conditions not for the diabetes...ITS NOT LIFE THREATENING TO GO WITHOUT UNTIL TUESDAY......get it then and she will be fine..

    to the poster below :

    my dog was on tapazol and it is NOT life threatening and you should not condone a person for being human...its human nature to NOT be perfect.. I do know about this drug and one day will not kill his cat!!! its a medicine for regulating thyriod problems not for the diabetes.. his cat will be fine for one day.. dont be so critical and harsh when obviously you dont know a d*mn about the drug!!it has nothing to with "anything shutting down" !!!! and SHAME on you for being unprepared to really answer this question and being critical of someones answer that really knows something...get your facts straight prior to critisizing someone else!!! Emergency vets are very expensive and this would not be an emergency... she will be fine for one day!!!

    Yoda: don't listen to psycho stalker lady!! if you look at her info page and check out some of her answers she has a very negtive response to almost all of the ones I looked at, she obviously has some major issues!!!give your old kitty a hug and relax for the New YearsEve!!smile..good luck...

    Source(s): retired vet tech..
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    YOU need to hold the head up HIGH back so that the medicine cannot go back out. You need to hold the head back with one hand- with the other hand put the syringe half way into her/his mouth (not only the tip of the syringe but like a third in.. and fairly quickly let the medicine go into the mouth and KEEP HOLDING THE HEAD BACK for another few seconds.. dont let the cat go until she has swallowed the medicine ( which she will if you keep holding the head back for a few more seconds and not let it go straight away). GOOD LUCK ( and make sure that you trim her claws so she cant fight you too easily lol :):)).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Shame on you for running out. Call an emergency vet and ask them to phone is a scrip for enough tablets to get you through until you can get ahold of your regular vet. Pick up the medicine as soon as possible. Diabetes is not something to screw around with.

    In contrast to what the "retired vet tech" said, don't wait until tuesday. If your cat is even slightly unstable, her kidneys could shut down, she could go blind, she could start having seizures, and she could die quite painfully. Don't tempt fate based on the advice of a stranger on the Internet.

  • Please talk to your vet. I bet there is an organization out there that would help you with the medicine or maybe the vet will. Just letting her die would be cruel.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Please get your cat to the vet, to get her more medicaton right away. Diabetes cannot go untreated, and is a very serious illness. She could die without the medication.

  • 1 decade ago

    there are emergency vet clinics all over, look in your local listings and take her in or call and tell them your situation, I'm sure they will get you what you need til you can go to your regular vet.

  • 1 decade ago

    that is awful. call the vets office asap. you are a terrible kitty parent. you can't just screw around with their meds like that.

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