what is the theory of the systemic family therapy?

Psychotherapy for couples and families

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    Systemic family therapy views the family as a system rather than as a collection of individuals. Therefore, in order to treat problems within a family, the entire system must be addressed. For example, if a family came in with a teenager who was getting into a lot of trouble, rather than focus on the teenager, the family therapist would focus on how the teenagers actions are impacting the entire family. Often, the actions of the "identified patient" are inadvertently supported by the family system as a whole. Maybe the teenagers actions are diverting attention form a different problem, such as difficulties in the marriage. A family systems therapist would work at trying to break triangulation of the teenager into the parents' problems by getting the parents to work directly on marital issues. Systems theory usually emphasizes the fact the the family will try and keep the status quo. So often strategic or dramatic interventions are required to shake things up. The bottom line is that unless the entire family system is changed, the presenting problem is unlikely to remit.

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    It will help the family grow to become a better functioning family.... The counselor will focus on each member then if the main focus is say the dad's drinking problem, then he work individually with the dad to help with his problem... Sometimes, there is one on one work, but over all the main focus is to keep it " a group session"... The counselor might have the family play a game or do a confidence course to see how they get along and function...

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