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What's the best two week golf vacation package to the Phoenix or Tucson area?

I would want to play 18 holes every other day at some of the best courses, and stay at a moderately priced hotel.

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    1 decade ago
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    My first stop to answer a Q like this is always Google. I entered "golf vacation" +Phoenix and was rewarded by 302,000 hits!

    I have to believe that if you can post a Q on YA you can pull off a Google search.

    Relying on the recommendation of one or two YA members who may have gone to a resort in Phoenix or Tuscon doesn't feel like a comprehensive and foolproof technique to me. I'd say get busy on the Internet and then go to a good old-fashioned travel agent and see what they have insofar as packages and evaluations.

    You might also call a few of the courses you want to play and see if they have an affiliation with a hotel or a tour operator.

    Have fun when you get there and hit 'em straight and long!

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