Could someone sum up the story of uncle scruge the rich duck from a disney cartoon?

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    A Scottish duck who emmigrate to the United States of America or a descendant of immigrants, he has an entrepreneur spirit and the 'American dream'.

    That's the basic story, other stories use the basic story but with variations.

    Scrooge MacDuck was based on Ebenezer Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol".

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    there are many variations on the story of scrooge mcduck (ebenezer scrooge in mickey's christmas carol), as many of the disney stories are often unrelated to the others.

    basically spent his childhood in scottland, as a child he was quite the hard worker. he shined shoes as a child, and this is how he obtained his prized dime (his first pay). then immigrated america and tried his fortune in the west. he was a hard worker (still is) and worked his way to the top.

    other variations may add stories about his adventures as a cowboy and treasure hunter and his exploits in the west (i particularly liked one about the road of maybelline-tucson and about his debt to an old friend. i don't know if these were ever published in america), his love/hate relationship with goldie o'gilt, and adventures in various continents.

    Source(s): that's pretty much anything significant that i can remember. for more information, try this
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