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what rhymes with orange?

omg i have to write a poem for my literature teacher is making my write a poem on my favorite fruit and color...i'm so stucK!

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    Nothing rhymes with orange..

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    Try these two-word rhyming phrases:

    spore range (the distance a spore can travel, or the area where it can live)

    boar range (where large, wild pigs roam)

    door range (the track of the edge of a door as it opens: If you stand in the door range, when I open it, it will bump you!)

    more range (greater area, greater territory)

    war range (where the battle rages)

    floor range

    score range (the statistical gap, which is the high score minus the low score).

    There are some more awkward choices that might also work if you write carefully, like

    explore range; snore range; store range; four range.

    If all else fails, do what Robert Frost did, when he ended one of his famous poems with the stanza,

    "And miles to go before I sleep

    And miles to go before I sleep",

    repeating the line twice. He may have done it for emphasis. You can do it (and he won't tell if he did), because of lack of a suitable rhyme.

    : c ) Happy New Year!

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    Either pick a different subject for your poem, or find a way to use another rhyme. Nothing rhymes with orange!!! Of course!!!

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    Nothing rhymes with orange. Try switching some words around so you can rhyme with a different word

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    There isn't to many words that rhyme with orange the ones that I did come up with sounds ridiculous

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    u can write a poem without rhyming

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    Arguably, "lozenge, boring, forage, porridge, door-hinge" all sort of rhyme with orange.'d be a lot easier just to pick a different fruit or, banana and yellow.

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    1 decade ago

    i dont think anything rhymes with orange Happy 2007

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    nothing rhymes with orange change colors

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some miscreant had stuck the orange,

    Right on top of a doorhinge.

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