Does anyone know good 18+ clubs in the Atlanta area. Preferably something kind of like a jazz club.?

I was looking for something a little laid back thats not a crazy dance club. Just something, closer to a lounge where a bunch of people can sit back and chill. I want a good weekend spot thats kind of laid back. Thanks.

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    Try Dailey's downtown. On Andrew Young Int'l and Peachtree, down by Hardrock. Upstairs is a restaurant, but Downstairs is a laid back jazz venue. Lots of martini's, cigars, leather sofa's, dim lights, you get the picture. Best jazz bands in ATL on a regular basis.

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    They are more of spoken word cafes but:

    1)The Urban Soul Cafe

    1995 Windy Hill Road


    2)Java Monkey

    205 E. Ponce de Leon Ave.


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    4 years ago

    ok I DONT be attentive to how DV8 IS NOW however the 1st AND final TIME I WENT IT replaced into terrible. enable ME positioned IT TO YOU this way. in case you opt to GET YOUR BUTT GRABBED by using BARLEY criminal BOYS THEN that's THE club FOR YOU. AND in the experience that your a guy YOU WONT LIKE CUZ greater men THEN women. have faith IT OR not FLORENTINE GARDENS nonetheless gets VERY PACKED. IT DOES would desire to be UPGRADED yet music remains large.

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    downtown jaz and such, on peachtree

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