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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsCancer · 1 decade ago

i am scared for my friend?

my 12 year old friend is about to get surgery because she has kidney cancer. I am soooo scared that she will die!!! The doctors say that there is a good chance she might die.. i am scared. has this happened to anyone before???? and did the surgery go good???


she has been my friend since like kindergarden and now we are both in 8th grade and both 12.

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  • maamu
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    1 decade ago
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    I am so sorry for you and your friend. I don't know what I would have done if my best friend would have had to go through this at 12. We have been best friends since we were 10 and that has been 41 years ago!

    The biggest thing your friend has on her side is her age. Kids make miraculous recoveries from cancer.

    I hope the new year brings your friend a full recovery.


  • 1 decade ago

    Hopefully, the doctors should be able to remove the cancerous kidney, and she will have a productive life.

    Drs. have to tell you that there is a risk of dying during surgery, no matter what the surgery is for. There is a risk of dying each time you cross the street, but it usually doesn't happen.

    I can only imagine that this is difficult for you. Keep your friend in your prayers. Perhaps your friends parents will let you be there at the hospital while she has the surgery so you will feel better.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not too sure about Kidney Cancer, but a friend of mine (who's still alive) had Liver Cancer. She went into surgery and she's doing a lot better now, but doctors told her that it may come back.

    Surgery is a scary thing especially for family and friends. All you should do is just support her. Don't think too negative despite what the doctor has said. By thinking negative, you feel bad. Try not to think of it in that way.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    After her operation she will be encouraged to start moving about as soon as possible. This is an essential part of her recovery, and even if she has to stay in bed the nurses will encourage her to do regular leg movements and deep breathing exercises. When she gets back to the ward she will have a drip of fluid and salts going into a vein until she is able to eat and drink normally. She will probably have drainage tubes from the wound to stop any excess fluid collecting, and help the wound to heal. The tubes will only be needed for a short time and will be taken out before she goes home. Usually a small tube (catheter) is put into the bladder and the urine is drained into a collecting bag. This will save her having to get up to pass urine. The catheter is usually removed after a couple of days. She will be given painkilling drugs regularly, which are very effective in controlling any pain. If she still has pain, it is important to let the ward nurse know as soon as possible so that her painkillers can be changed until a type and dose is found that is effective. Most people are ready to go home between 7–10 days after the operation. Many people like to know how soon they will be able to get back to doing normal things, like shopping, gardening, playing sport or going to work/school. This will vary depending on the type of surgery they have had and upon them as a person. It may help to discuss this further with her doctor or nurse. Before she leaves hospital she will be given an appointment to attend an outpatient clinic for a check-up about six weeks after her surgery. This is a good time to discuss any problems she may have after her operation.

    It is only natural to be concerned. You should talk to your parents and ask to speak to the nurses and doctors at the hospital. If they approve of you visiting, then I feel sure that your worries will fade as your friend’s health improves.

    Hope this is of help

    Matador 89

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  • Panda
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    1 decade ago

    It is normal to be scared for your friend. She has a very serious illness. Patients, caretakers, and friends all live with fear every single day. What is remarkable about the human spirit is how we can overcome that fear and face it down. That's what courage is all about. You need to be strong. Strong not only for your friend, but for whatever the outcome of this journey will be for her. You are her best friend, what she needs from you right now is your love and your laughter (she might also like a fluffy, cuddly stuffed animal to hug). She needs you to just be her friend and treat her as normally as possible.

    Remember - Courage, my friend, and stay strong.

    Here are some sites for you to go and read about Childhood Cancer:

    Kids Health: Cancer Basics

    Wilms Tumor and other kidney tumors

    The Cancer Game

    Kids Konnected

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    You don't say what type of kidney cancer your friend has, there are different types. Here's more information about Wilms Tumor:

    Source(s): Experience. Teen son with abdominal sarcoma who is the most courageous person I know.
  • 1 decade ago

    Ohh I have gonethrough Kidney and Heart Cancer I know how you feel with a 12 year old because I am 12.

    I am alive now and How I got through it was pray!

    I was Scared but You shouldn't be because it just makes it harder!

    I will pray for her tonight and good luck,

    God bless,

    Mary Dimick

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't blame you for being anxious about your friend, though I don't know the details, from what you've said, it sounds pretty serious. I think it's normal to be scared in a situation like that, but all you can do now is be there for and help her try to get through it (if you're scared for her, imagine how she must feel). I've seen a lot of people who are very sick, and though her doctors are in a much better position to tell you about her medical condition than I am, what I can tell you is that everyone, very sick and not so, appreciates people coming to visit, support, and cheer them up when they're in the hospital. Just do your best to help your friend, it's all any of us can do in a situation like that.

  • 1 decade ago

    well last yr my best friend died of cancer...leukimia...nd her family nd i all knew tat she was going 2 pass away soon...nd she did with in a week...she had been ill 4 yrs but her body just oculdn't handle the kimo is hard 2 tell some1 else how 2 deal with somefin like tis but if she does pass away u will work out the easiest way 2 deal with it...if u dont want 2 express ur feelins 2 otha ppl mayb u could start a diary...but it is always easier 2 have a shoulder 2 cry on...every1 will find it hard 2 tlk bout her 4 while...but then it will b will b easier 2 memba her...da gwd tmes wit her...ppl say dont memba da bad times but sometimes it is betta 2 do tat...memba how u guyz were so close dat u had da chessest little cat fights nd how u got ova em...even if she does survive...tlk 2 her bout it...lyk tell her u were always prayin her nd tat every second u were tinking bout her...she will feel special...cauz she will b so worried...she will b worried bout her on life...nd if she knows dat ppl r supportin her nd tinkin of will make her feel betta nd may even brotten her day...well i hopoe tat tis has helped...

  • 1 decade ago

    it is okay to be scared. you need to be strong but you need to talk about it as well to process what is happening. considering that they caught it early, they might be able to cure it. she should consider letting God take care of things and start eating a well balanced diet high in natural foods...mostly plant based foods. there is a lot of foods in a health food store that is specifically designed to clean the whole body and the kidneys. people don't know it, but all of the processed foods and chemicals we eat contribute to our illnesses. if we ate the way we are supposed to eat, plants, fruits, vegies, lean meats, soy products and low fat, we would be healthier overall. your friend is young and needs to fight for her life. she needs to be strong and have faith that she will live. and you need to be praying for her as well. this will be a tough battle, but if the both of you are praying and asking God for help, and actually allowing Him to help, i believe that things will work out and she will be healthy again. Doctors can only speculate; it's up to the patient to have the faith and the drive to live. it is a scarey situation. just talk about it; read about it; learn everything you can. good luck. your friend is blessed to have a friend like you.

  • my uncle had kindey failure. Not the same. But he died from it.

    Pray for her. Just if there is a chance she may die, pray for her. Just so she knows someone is praying for her. Tell her that. Give her support. Do not tell her your worries of her dying, that will scare her even more.

    Do not fret. Just have hope =]

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