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What are some funny sayings?

i have funny saying that will crack people up... or sayings that i say all the time! but they're getting old. i would say you bloody hemmeroid in a funny english accent, Oh for the love of god, Ya digg, bloody hell and other ones but you might not think they're funny unless you hear me say them

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    1.o my daiz ( british accent will make funny)

    2. zig ur guts with a wa wa brush.

    3. bugger off

    4. jeusu!

    5.son of a god!

    Source(s): living in uk and hearing a lods of them with their funny accent....
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    My favorite when the kids are whining "I wish we had" or "But...." We say

    If wishes and buts were clusters of nuts we'd all have a bowl of granola

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    thank you thank you very much in a elvis impression chicks dig it if you do it correctly

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    1. put another shrimp on the barbie

    2. i wanna sex u up

    3. is anyone randy

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    sh!t or get off the pot

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