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Why do the popular grls all ways think that guys don't always fall all over them?

do ya know?

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    Because they are what we call "cupcake heads", some ditzy girls only know how to understand people magazine, and what Britney Spears is up to and how many of their parents paychecks to drop on the newest designer jeans...Lemme open ur eyes there are girls with ambitions (my type) of their own and who are also very attractive. Popularity is a sometimes life long game of playing keep up, settle for beauty and brains nothing less.

    Source(s): Life as a flyboy/"cool kid"/"in-crowder"/now independant man/exile-by-choice...
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    If you are referring to popular girls looks....if you realize that their poop stinks too then they are not so attractive to us guys. Then there is the factor of aging that plastic surgory cannot halt. So much for vanity based on ones looks.

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    They probably just want some more center of attention or they are trying to rub it in to the other girls in the schools faces

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    im confuzzled

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