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is there a site to get free ring tones from?

i want them for my sidekick would be nice if they were real tones

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    can you go online wit your fone (i no its possible wit the S3 but if you're allowed to) then go to and clikc "I am browsing from my phone." and then search on the link "Real Tones" or sumtin along those lines.

  • You can't for the sk3. T-Mobile has diabled any other way of getting a ringtone for the sk3 without buying it from the download catalog on the phone. They cost $2.50 but are worth it. The are nice and loud and vibrate to the beat!!

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    regrettably, there are truthfully not any authentic information superhighway pages that grant a hundred% loose ringtones. in some way, you get roped into paying a minimum of $a million.ninety 9 after which you're subscribed to a pair ringtone club the region you're charged a month-to-month cost.

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    see for sidekick

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    verizon wireless is offering a free ringtone today only.

    visit for more details

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