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Where can you buy ammunition for an M14 rifle, .30 caliber?


I meant the M1 Carbine so it would not be the 7.62 X 51mm (.308), it would be the .30 carbine.

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    An M14/M1A takes 7.62 NATO - the commercial version is .308 Winchester. The cartridge is 7.62x51mm.

    An M1 Carbine takes .30 Carbine ammo - 7.62 carbine - but its known simply as .30 Carbine.

    These are two totally different catridges for two totally different guns.

    You can get the ammo in store or online. Midway USA is a good source - or in a pinch, Walmart will do.

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    Many will state this or that caliber is best. But you will not go wrong using a 30-06. Next to the 30-30, it is one of the most popular large game rounds out there. Many don't like it because of the recoil or because it doesn't shoot flat enough for them. I say: Be a man, learn the ballistics and go hunting. 30-06 ammo is widely available. Almost every manufacturer makes it in a great selection of loads. I have yet to walk into the smallest of sporting stores or even the country general store and not find a couple of boxes on the shelves. I own an M1 Garand and it is my favorite rifle. I am seriously considering a bolt action myself.

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    Man I shot competition for years with a M14 and custom build them today for competition and have never seen one chambered for a .30 carbine. It should be a .308 and you can buy that ammo almost anywhere. I would suggest getting some National Match ammo though. The gun tends to love it at long range (over 600 yards)

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    The M-14 uses a .308 Winchester bullet that can be purchased at almost any sporting goods store. Ask someone in firearms, they should be able to help.

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    SHOP SMART! That stuff is getting expensive anymore. Look for NATO plastic battlepacks. They can be had a lot cheaper than even the equivalent amount of ammo bought at none other than Wal-Mart.

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    You should be able to get it at a gun shop ... not a sporting goods store, but a gun shop. They have all the usual ammo and some of the not so common stuff.

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    That would be cal .308 7.62

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    Try Cabela's. They have some good prices on bulk ammo. That's where I usually go.

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    Dick's sporting goods or your local gun store? Go online to a hunting website or go to a store that sells hunting/guns??

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    Sprigfield!, it just takes about 15 minutes to get there, right?

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