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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceCareers & Employment · 1 decade ago

Any Technical Writers out there?

I am graduating with my BS degree and am planning to find work as a Technical Writer. I am trying to find out what to expect as far as job requirements, Salary, Benefits, etc.

I've seen the official numbers but they don't always match the reality.


Technical Writing is different from other writing careers.

It is more like consulting and involves a wide variety of activities from writing instruction pamphlets for assembly required furniture to web design. Technical writers usually make a lot more than other writers.

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    I am a technical writer and a trainer. I would enjoy giving you information on rates and obtaining additional experience. The job requirements vary according to the client, the most important thing is that you are able to deliver because it is all about the client. I freelance and when I perform writing assignments, I settle on a rate that is good for one calendar year from the date I sign the agreement. Salary and benefits are very similar to that of a junior business analyst with two years of experience. Here is an example of a typical job posting:

    Our client seeks a SAP Technical Writer 6+/months contract assignment for its Houston location.

    SAP Technical Writer

    Job description:

    Training Material Development

    · Assist in the development of course outlines and course curriculum

    for SAP HR Learning Solution module.

    · Develop, edit, and test SAP 5.0 step-by-step end user

    documentation for clarity and accuracy using OnDemand Personal Navigator

    · Develop and edit PowerPoint training presentations

    · Develop and edit Breeze CBTs

    · Interview subject matter experts for content and data and follow

    up on outstanding issues until reaching resolution

    · Adhere to established writing standards and documentation

    development processes

    · Track status of document development

    NOTE: Training delivery is not required.

    Process Flow Development

    · Develop and edit role-based Visio process flows for one or more

    business areas including: Manufacturing and Human Resources

    · Knowledge of SAP R/3 functionality in the Human Resources modules

    · Participate in business area specific meetings and craft process

    flow documents based on information discussed

    · Interview subject matter experts for process flow content and

    follow up on outstanding issues until reaching resolution

    · Adhere to established writing standards and documentation

    development processes

    · Track status of document development

    Required skills:

    · Ability to create and edit end-user documentation and training


    · SAP, advanced MS Word, MS Access, advanced MS Visio, Documentum,

    MS Paint Shop Pro, MS PowerPoint, OnDemand Personal Navigator

    · Ability to learn new software (Breeze - CBT development tool)

    · Ability to meet deadlines

    · Ability to work without constant supervision but within a team


    · Ability to recognize issues and to take the initiative in problem


    · Ability to interact with various personality types with a customer

    service approach

    · Ability to multi-task

    Additional requirements (experience, education, certificates and special


    Required: College degree, overtime will be required

    Preferred: SAP 5.0, Breeze

  • mike c
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    1 decade ago

    Again, my answer is based on my experiences in Detroit and more anecdotal than the Bureau of Labor statistics. Most of the technical writers I've worked with have an engineering or science degree, not a liberal arts degree. A few are published authors of technical papers at SAE or SME.

    Both these organizations (and many other scientific groups) put out a 'call for papers' These are the hot topics in the field the group specializes in. If you were pursuing a Master's degree in a related field, that would be ideal

    The technical writers I know work freelance, I have no idea what they charge. Sometimes they are mostly editors, making sure sentences are structured, research is cited, and some basic proofreading. They may or may not get an 'author's credit' on a technical paper.

    Others are writers of customers instructions, like the authors of a automobile's owner's manual. There is a lot of legal brick-brack to watch out for. A paralegal background for a technical writer would go much farther.

    please feel free to contact me

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    5 years ago

    Technical writers are typically writers, not necessarily tech degree holders.

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    check out for a general overview of regional salaries. as a college grad, your concern should NOT be money or benefits. you want experience. especially with writing, you need to build your portfolio of work. don't let a few bucks either way sway your decision. you need an opportunity to prove yourself. when the opportunity presents itself, make the most of it. good luck.

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