What am I supposed to get my boyfriend of one year for Valentine's day, if anything?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year, as of January. We didn't really do anything for Valentine's Day 2006. Do I get him something or do something for him? If so, what?

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    I did all this for my boyfriend..now hes my fiance.....

    U can try any u like!

    Well a rose and a letter of course..but do it deifferently....

    Make an aged bottle...

    1)I did this for my boyfriend and I's 1st anniversary, He loved it. OK, I got a big glass bottle with a cork on top. You glue sand on the out side, make sure that it looks like the bottle has been laying on the sand for a very long time. and glue shells,sea weed etc. Then some how get some one to draw you. (make sure you like) Then write a nice letter about how you two got together and how you feel now. Then roll the papers up and place then in the bottle. Oh an extra tip.. drop some perfume on the cork. Enjoy!

    2)Buy an inexpensive decorative jar or container. Then buy 365 Hershey Kisses, one for every day of the year. On the Hershey paper tabs, write one thing you like, love, or appreciate about your significant other, and only allow them to have one each day for a year. It takes some time and thought, but they will think of you with every daily kiss. This is a great idea when distance is involved, but works wonders at home too.

    3)For Valentine's Day, I really wanted to do something amazing for my boyfriend. I cut out 100 construction paper hearts, and I wrote I love you in 100 different languages on one side of each and a reason why I love him on the other side. I stringed these around and across his room with fishing wire so that they looked like they were floating.

    4)bought a key, just a plain key, with no cuts in it. I then took it to an engraving store, and got them to engrave on it, "KEY TO MY HEART." I wrapped up the key, along with a letter just telling him how much I love him, and to hold this key forever, ‘cause no matter where I am, part of me will always be with him, forever!


    Okies...hope it helped...sorry friend,my fingers hurt!

    Best of luck!!Just run ur imagination and do it with time and heart

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    You can impress your flame with some love funologies. But remember, nothing surpasses a hug when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. This isn’t something money can buy, nor does it run the risks of over-usage or the disgrace of becoming cliché. May be that’s what makes them more precious. Hugs can convey things which perhaps no other material Valentine’s Day gift can. So hold your loved ones close to you and give them a sweet squeeze on this sweet occasion of Valentine’s Day. Speak your heart out as best as you can, say ‘I Love You’ as many times you want, hug your dear ones as much as you can and make them feel warm all over as soon as you can with wonderful gifts and gift ideas !

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    It's not a matter of money, but rather doing something that you know he would really enjoy. Does he like action flicks? Then set up a movie night complete with popcorn and his favorite movie; even if it isn't one of yours. The goal is to do something on Valentine's Day to demonstrate you care. As long as that is the motivation for whatever you do, he should appreciate it.

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    Cook him a romantic dinner. Get some fresh pasta in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store and a bottle of alfredo cause, and some shrimp (If neither one of you is allergic to seafood), some French Bread. Get some fresh strawberries and a container of the chocolate that is in a cup that you melt in the microwave and dip them in the chocolate. Also cream puffs are easy to make and you can put instant pudding in them, whipped cream on top and place the chocolate covered strawberries on top. Have some romantic music playing.

  • candle light dinner, his fav movie, maybe something he needs..like a watch earring if he wears them. picture of u or of both of u.

    i always give my man a teddy bear, colonge,a heart that says "i love you" on it n fake red rose sayin " i will love u til this rose dies" n his fav scent in a candle & a picture of me &us.

    u could get a real dozen plus a fake 1 n write the saying

    "i will love you til the last rose dies"

    if u get it a fake 1 cant die its not real, so it means u will love the person forever.

    my man loves it everytime :)...we been together for 6 yrs, 7 this May.

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    Give him a framed picture of you together. Sounds like something a guy wouldn't like, but I really liked it and she is my wife now.

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    you can get your boyfriend nice clothes that he could even wear when you guys go out or nice shoes. Or you can get him something like video games if he is really interested in that. Or you can get him an expensive watch.

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    its not what you get him its what you give him in exchange for what he gets you. Flowers get a kiss. A diamond gets anything he wants (but only for 1 night)

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    you don't need to do anything with him and by that i mean anything sexual, find out what he's into, maybe get him a watch, dogtag...you know him better than we do so get him something he'll like. good luck!!

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