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Bears fans do you have more faith in rex grossman guiding your team in the playoffs or a 37 year old condom?

Seiously folks. . . do you really think this quarterback from Overated U can win three playoff games in a row or go 3 games without having one of his 0.0 qb rating games?

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    rex grossman guiding the bears in the playoffs and making it to the superbowl.

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    Rex Grossman went 6 for 9 for 34 yards and 3 interceptions. He had a Quarterback rating of 1.3 …wow I mean is it just me or does any 1 else feel like Grossman is way O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D. How can Bears fan be confident in Rex Grossman going down the stretch, it’s like you guys won the division in spite of him at QB. IMO Lovie needs to yank his a** before he ends up costing you guys a playoff loss…Because we all know “Rex Grossman is who we thought he is


    Here's why they won't change Grossman - just my .02

    Griese isn't the future of the franchise, at best he's a servicable backup to plug a gap while your Starter is injured. Grossman may or may not be that future, but it's too soon to tell.

    If the Bears yank Grossman now and put Griese in, they are stating he has no future with their organizaiton, and they better be ready to trade up and get Brady Quinn in the draft or trade for Schaub b/c they can't rely on Griese for a whole season as a Starter.

    Basically their ONLY option is to play Grossman or Orton and Honestly Grossman's upside outweighs his badside when compared to Orton.

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    Yes, I'm a fan and I can't say that I do have faith in him. Although the rest of the team makes up for his shortcomings. But what can they do now, put Griese in? You gotta be kidding me. They have a better chance of winning with Grossman because the rest of the team shows up for him.

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    both are nasty but i think the condom has a better chance

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    Both are slimey has-beens.

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    He's absolutely brutal.

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