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Will infants without ear piercings be stigmatized as unfashionable babies and ridiculed at Mommy and Me?

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    What in the world have you been drinking!?!

    No, babies without piercings will be considered normal, as would their mommies.

    The mommies that pierce their babies ears are subjecting them to needless pain and will one day find themselves facing down an irate, traumatized teenager on the Jerry Springer show.

  • I find it rather tacky for a parent to pierce an infant's earlope. A good parent does not put pain on their baby for unimportant selfish reasons as piercing the infant's ears. Who says the child wants their ears pierced when they are older?

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    Why are you even asking this. No one will care. My mom didn't get my ears pierced til I was ten. I never cared, neither did any one else. My parents let me decide whether i wanted a hole in my ear or not. Plus anyone with a spine who ridicules a baby shouldnt have a child of their own.

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    im sorry but a good parent in my opinion

    lets their child have choices in their life

    you shouldnt choose for them if they get their ears pierced or not

    niether should you choose their fashion, what color they want to dye their hair, religion, ect.

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    uh...... i had my ears pierced as a baby and i have always loved my mom for it cuz i never had to go through the pain part. a baby with little diamond studs in her ears is adorable!!!

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    U need coffee...

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