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i wanted to download something using bittorrent but it is painfully slow.anyway i can download fast.

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    it is very simple, for i was just like you once. My speeds were a dreadful 2kbps most of the time, but then when i tweaked my firewall it was unbelivable. Most of my downloads were at least 100kbps. Here is wat u do:

    in addition to getting torrents with a lot of seeds, u must configure ur firewall. U can just google "speed up bittorrent downloads" and alot of sites will pop up, all telling u basically the same thing.

    If u use a router/firewall, just go to firewall settings, then click on bittorrent or watever ur firewall needs u to do to specify bittorrent, and allow ports 6881-6899 on TCP to be open for bittorent, and additionaly bittorent FTP . Hope it helps... if u have any ?'s use google.

    Limewire isnt bad either, with speed 50-100kbps most of the time. The only bad part is that quality isnt very good and its flooded with viruses. in bittorent the quality is all 100%....

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    if u want to download something faster from bittorrent, look for the torrents with more seeds. if a torrent has a lot of leechers, the download will be slow, however, if there are a good number of seeds, it'll be faster, so look out for the ones with more seeds.

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