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Here is the continuation of DEATH called “IS THERE HOPE?”?

1;a 2 ton bag of dog saliva for honesty,2;a 5 ton bag of funny comedian jokes for laughter,3; a 5 lb. Box of blood from a lamb of ram. This we will pour over my global of the real world and when you go back there will be no harm or no crime. The world will be full of honesty and laughter and holiness. Then the voice quietly left. I looked at my grandmother and asked her if she knew about this before she left she said no I asked why she never did send me a sign. She said now lets not get all into it you must return before they take you off your bed rest. When I return to earth I wake up at the site of my mom and dad crying over me I said “what you’ve never seen a girl in the hospital before “yea” “but at first we were at a track meet then you fall then…” “well I’m ok now” but something in my body felt wrong “o diamond, the doctor had to go inside your chest to give you a new heart so if you feel a little weird then, you know what it is.” Then the door opened.....

to be contuied

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    OMG use paragraphs and I might try to read it.

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