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My brother seems lost...?

My younger brother, who I shall call 'Joe', seems pretty depressed most of the time. Granted 'Joe' is a teenager and seems to be going through the whole 'rebelious' stage and seems to be lost in finding his way in the world... At least, I think. He doesn't talk to me or the rest of our family much. It could be just some 'stage' he's going through, but I still worry about him at times.

I'm a Christian and when I told him that religion helps me when I'm sad or feeling lost, he told me that he has tried talking to God, but because his situtation hasn't improved imediately, he seems to have rejected religion (as far as I can tell, as like I said, he doesn't talk to us much). He seems to have lost faith in any sort of religion or philosophy, which makes me worry.

What should I do? How can I help him? Or should I just let him be and hope he can work out whatever his problems are on on his own?

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    OK, I am not old enough to have forgotten what it is like to be a MALE teenager. When I was a guy teen, I was always THINKING DEEP THOUGHTS. To think those deep thoughts, I needed to be alone. So I would sit in my room and think, think, think. I looked depressed. I was not. I was just thinking. So leave me alone.

    What was I thinking about? Growing up. What kind of life will I have, what kind of job will I have. What will my life be like, etc.

    Give him his space. He will be OK.

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    Where are Joe's parents? Is he suicidal? Maybe they need o address the depression? Sometimes these phases don't just go away. Depression is a chemical brain imbalance, and medication does help. Is your brother wrestling with a moral issue? Maybe a soft suggestion towards "spirituality" instead of "religion" may help. Get him a book on astral projection and astral traveling. That may give him a safe way to look for answers without fronting himself off to your family. Good luck!

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    you can't help the ones who don't wnat to be helped. the thing is tennagers all go throuhg a phase no matter what type, and some may get over it others don't. the best way to help him is just to let him know that you are there for him if he needs anything. and teenagers are always trying to fit in, thats the thing thats probably making him upset that going through high school its hard to fit in, so just have talks with him and let him know that you are always there for him, at least he'll find some comfort in that, even if he seems so bitter.

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    Do whatever you can to help him but dont push him. Just make sure he knows that you are always there for him if he ever needs you. You cant help someone that doesnt want to be helped. I am speaking from experience...My brother is in prison for 15 years for beating my sister with a hammer in front of her kids. All my sister did was let him move into her house and try to help him. Dont push him...just be there for him.

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    dont push him to talk to you because thatll only make him pull away more. just let him know that if he needs to talk or needs help with anything, that he can come to you and you wont judge him or make fun of him or anything. and dont push the religion thing so much because he may not believe in that as strongly as you do. just let him know that youre here for him and then let him be and wait for him to come to you. good luck.

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    I am a Christian too, and have battled with depression which is an illness... It is nothing to be ashamed of.. your brother needs to see a medical doctor to get help with a good antidepressant. Believe me for years, I suffered.. I now take a good one for me (Paxil). Tell him you love him, and that it is treatable... Also let your parents know. any questions. pls email me...Judy

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    Just let him know that you are there for him and whenever he wants to talk about anything he can come to you. It may take sometime but eventually he will tell you what's bothering him. Just support him and let him come to you.

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    find a kid his age at church. We have a bunch that skateboard every wednesday then come in for group after it gets dark.

    He will come around. It is a phase they all go through.

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