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Why does it hurt when a girl gets love for the first time?

We are going to be learning this in Sex Education in school. But, whenever I don't know something, I have to go to the nurse's office because I'm (dare I say it to all of you women out there offended) disgusted at what men can do to women, having the women with no control over it. I'm not horny. I just need to know.

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    well to be ridiculously creepy but straight to the point first time vaginal intercourse normally hurts because the vagina has had no prior oportunity's to stretch. Thats why u dont hear any filthy hore's complaining

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    It does not hurt it feels good. Nice.

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    girls love being pounded like a sailor. Here is my motto, "no pain, no gain".

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    haven haven haven, almost like haven especially if it's love.

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