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Which Bass Guitar? (2 options)?

I'm again left with no bass. It's either the Fender Standard P-Bass ($424.99) or a Mike Dirnt P-Bass ($629.99). This is what I'm planning to do if I get the Standard:

-Replace the strings ($19.99)

-Put in Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pride Pickups ($104.99)

-Invest in straplocks ($13.99)

-Put on a BadAss II Bridge ($69.99)

And for the MD P-Bass:

-Replace the strings ($19.99)

-Invest in a thick padded leather strap ($39.99 <roughly>)

-Invest in straplocks ($13.99)

Post which one and why..thanks.


Er, they're both Fenders.

Update 2:

Thanks Russ, best answer so far. I don't really trust most reviews because I've noticed most of them are either bashing the guitar/bass because it's associated with Green Day, or giving it 10/10 for everything just because they like Green Day.

But it seems that the MD is definitely better quality, from what I've gathered, it's really tough and can really take a beating.

I'm looking for a punchy tone like Green Day's, and I read in an interview that Mike Dirnt used Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups on his old P-Basses..

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    Well, at least your in the right starting place. Fender P-Basses have been the music industry standard bass ever since they went into regular production in 1958, the year one of mine was made! I run whatever I'm playing through a double cabinet Ampeg SVT, the original version of what's being called the reissued 'classic' model these days. I've had it for a long time ... can't beat it for bass!

    If you're going to drop Seymour Duncan's into the standard you're essentially going to change it from a Mustang GT (which is good) to a Corvette (which is better)! The Bad *** will give the bass tons of sustain because of the solid brass casting it's made from. I wouldn't bother with the MD, 'cause the Standard will sound better when you're finished changing it around and they both will play about the same ... same feel.

    The most important thing you need to watch with Fenders is the neck. They put a lot of green wood in them these days and that's nothing but trouble. Go for a maple neck ... they are less likely to give you problems and the play better in my opinion. I don't know about you, but changing to round wounds does a lot for the frequency response too. I use RotoSounds, but mostly GHS Bass Boomers these days. The Boomers sound livelier when they're new and stay fresh longer. Strap locks are just smart to have ... don't want to drop that thing!

    Source(s): I own a '58 P-Bass, a reworked '65 Telecaster Bass that's more of a hot P-Bass now, a double pick-up '61 Gibson Thunderbass (production #8), a MapleGlo Rickenbacker 4001 stereo, a Hagstrom 8-string, a Gibson EB-3 and an Ampeg Baby Bass (electric upright). At one point I had several other Fenders including an early Jazz Bass, but I don't play much anymore and I've sold 6 of my basses.
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    MD P-Bass Is what I would recommend. The Fender Standard P-Bass, is just that standard, with standard tone. It is designed for the low end things, and not a very high quality instrument, from what i gather. I mean it is a good one, but not the best compared to the MD P-Bass. It is a little bit high quality , but there's really not alot of differences. Personally I would not go with either of them, but thats just me. Bottom line is what is best for you, and style you play. Just do a google or goto and there is two reviews for both bass's

    Now that I look at it, changing pick-uos makes all the difference in the world. It's hard to tell you what to do. I would look at quality, as far as things holding up. That way you can go cheaper , and add stuff to it to upgrade it to a better one. Bottom line is the quality of materials used. Screws etc that hold is a plus. Another is weight you have to look for, and the comfort of it. I still say the MD P-Bass is the right choice, just because I do beleive it is a little better quality.

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    Fender dude! The P-Bass is a standard and the the lower cost is a plus. You'll get a lot of mileage out of it with no trouble...

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    Fender, it is a well known name in guitars. They have been around for years.

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    get advice at a guitar center too!

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    the fender....older models are better

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