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why japan and china can not live along well?

why japan and china can not live along well?how to solve this dilemma?

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  • area52
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    1 decade ago
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    Realistically, it seems to be impossible as long as the Chinese people are brainwashed by their Communist Government who are taking advantage of the "China-Japan" conflicts (from the Sino-Japan war to WWII) for their hegemony over the PRC.

    Believe or not, all the Japanese (including the right-wing fanatics) can understand Chinese anger over Japanese invasion to China (1930-1945) and its imperial army's war crimes against innocent Chinese citizens.

    In fact, Japanese Government and the Emperor of Japan expressed their apology to Chinese people over and over again since China-Japan diplomatic normalization in 1972.

    Please read this. This is one of the most impressive and constructive document ever exchanged between the two nations once fought a war.

    PRC Premier Chou En-lai signed this historical document, incluging the article 5: The Government of the People's Republic of China declares that in the interest of the friendship between the Chinese and the Japanese peoples, it renounces its demand for war reparation from Japan.

    Deeply impressed by Premier Chou's future-looking courage, Japanese Government (with the majority of the Japanese) decided to provide China with a total of 3 trillion yen (approx 270 billion dollars) ODA (instead of war reparation) for the following 30 years. Japan has paid all the amount by the year 2002, which substantially contributed to PRC reconstruction and economic development for what PRC today. Japanese people are very glad to see the fact that China has become one of the leading nations in Asia (although it is still under communist rule).

    Unfortunately, most of the Chinese people are not informed of these facts (due to their communist govt anti-Japanese propaganda). Japanese know that. Therefore, when a large number of Chinese students and civilians took to the street for the violent demonstration against Japan last Spring, Japan kept calm and watched them silently. There was absolutely no anti-Chinese demonstration in Japan. Thanks to democracy and free speech provided by the U.S. after the WWII, Japanese are far more informed and educated than Chinese who are still being blinded and victimized by their communist regime.

    Japanese want to resume friendly relationship with China, who has been a respectable teacher over the past 1500 years!! Japan "imported" philosophy, religion, kanji characters from China. For many years, China was a window of Japan to the west through the silk road. Without China, Japan would not have attained this affuence today.

    Japan feel terribly sorry for what its imperial army did in the past. But Japan sencerely hope that China-Japan relations will be back on the right track for mutual interest in the near future.

    But, it is totally up to China.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Rape of Nanking: An Undeniable History in Photographs tells the story in words and more than 400 photographs of the Japanese invasion of China and the sacking of its capital city, Nanking, in 1937-38.

    Between December 1937 and March 1938 at least 369,366 Chinese civilians and prisoners of war were slaughtered by the invading troops. An estimated 80,000 women and girls were raped; many of them were then mutilated or murdered.


    Thousands of victims were beheaded, burned, bayoneted, buried alive, or disemboweled.

    To this day the Japanese government has refused to apologize for these and other World War II atrocities, and a significant sector of Japanese society denies that they took place at all.

    maybe if japan apologizes then this dilemma might be solved...

    Source(s): book "the rape of nanking"
  • 1 decade ago

    Bcoz japan invaded China and killed atleast 40 million chinese ppl ,,,ya 40 million ()and the war lasted for 8 years which brought so much pain to chinese ppl ....ang japan never ever apologize for it ,,they just trying their best to deny the simple fact and they r still try to insult chinese ppl in any way till now (i have million examples)

    so just give me a reason that chinese should get along well with japan??

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its sorta like England and the U.S in the settler days, Japan is sort of Mini China, well sorta. Anyway sooner, later or never they will fight to the bloody, horrible end with either a shortage of mass produced cars or mass produced slave labour tinsel.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They never have and I doubt it will ever look into history and see there past. And further more japan cant agree with a Communist nation and the united states shouldn't ether.

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