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shadouse asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

Who would be your NFL dream team of active players?

I found that my friends and I really differed on some positions

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  • 1 decade ago
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    3-WR Offense:

    QB: Donovan McNabb -- -- Height: 6'2"|Weight: 240|Age: 29|College: Syracuse

    ~I feel that Donovan has the best combo of mind, athleticism, and passing in the NFL. Add to that the fact that he played for my hometown team (Syracuse Orange), and now plays for my favorite team, this was really a no-brainer for me.

    HB: LaDainian Tomlinson -- -- Height: 5'10"|Weight: 221|Age: 28|College: Texas Christian

    ~More than any other HB in the game, LT is shifty, shifty, shifty. He's the kind of player you can build a franchise on, and his incredible receiving ability paired with his running makes him an absolute beast.

    WR: Larry Fitzgerald -- -- Height: 6'3"|Weight: 226|Age: 23|College: Pittsburgh

    ~I was a big fan of Larry's throughout college, and he plays very well in the NFL, especially considering that he hasn't even entered into his prime yet. He manages to put up huge numbers with another great receiver on the same team in Anquan Boldin.

    WR: Plaxico Burress -- -- Height:6'5"|Weight: 226|Age: 28|College: Michigan State

    ~Plaxico has a lot of untapped talent that he first began to showcase last year as the Giants' featured receiver. His height and leaping ability make him a nightmare for opposing defenses to cover.

    WR: Reggie Brown -- -- Height: 6'1"|Weight: 197|Age: 25|College: Georgia

    ~Reggie is the sentimental pick here. He has the best attitude of any young guy in the NFL, period. What he did last year as a rookie just learning the playbook and with roughly 99% of the starting offense injured was simply astounding.

    TE: Antonio Gates -- -- Height: 6'4"|Weight: 260|Age: 26|College: Kent State

    ~I love the way Gates plays, simple as that. You can see his basketball past inherent in the way he uses his body in transition and leaps for the ball over the middle. Gates is the best TE in the NFL today.

    LT: Walter Jones -- -- Height: 6'5"|Weight: 315|Age: 32|College: Florida State

    ~Most dominating O-Lineman, period. He also hasn't experienced the relative "dropoff" with age as other franchise LTs Orlando Pace and Jonathan Ogden have.

    RT: Jon Runyan -- -- Height: 6'7"|Weight: 330|Age: 31|College: Michigan

    ~He's a dirty player. I love that. Runyan is an attitude guy, something every respectable O-Line needs.

    LG: Vince Manuwai -- -- Height: 6'2"|Weight: 312|Age: 26|College: Hawaii

    ~One of the better guards in the league. Manuwai has good blocking technique, and showcases good speed and agility for a guard when he pulls and lead blocks.

    RG: Shawn Andrews -- -- Height: 6'4"|Weight: 340|Age: 24|College: Arkansas

    ~He's a mauler. Andrews is bound for the Pro-Bowl this year, mark my words, assuming he doesn't get hurt.

    C: LeCharles Bentley -- -- Height: 6'2"|Weight: 313|Age: 27|College: Ohio State

    ~LeCharles is the best young center playing the game today. His acquisition will be huge for Charlie Frye and the Browns' running game for years to come.

    3-4 Defense:

    NT: Shaun Rogers -- -- Height: 6'4"|Weight: 345|Age: 27|College: Texas

    ~Ferocious DT. Most athletic in the NFL. His athleticism is the reason that I think him capable of playing NT. Rogers is underrated because of the team he plays for, but look for that to soon change.

    RE: Richard Seymour -- -- Height: 6'6"|Weight: 310|Age: 27|College: Georgia

    ~Seymour is a beast at DE for the Pats. He's comparable to the likes of Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney as one of the best DEs in the league. He is NOT a rush DE, rather he is a complete package.

    LE: Patrick Kerney -- --Height: 6'5"|Weight: 273|Age: 27|College: Virginia

    ~Kerney has raw strength that is just beginning to make itself noticed. He's a Pro-Bowl caliber player who's gonna notch a lot of sacks this coming year thanks to the presence of John Abraham on the other side of the DTs.

    WLB: Cato June -- -- Height: 6'0"|Weight: 227|Age: 27|College: Michigan

    ~June, a former safety in college, is a vastly underrated player who happened to make the Pro Bowl last season thanks to his 5 or so INTs. He plays like a safety, which makes him an ideal 3-4 WLB.

    SLB: Joey Porter -- -- Height: 6'3"|Weight: 250|Age: 29|College: Colorado State

    ~Pure smashmouth football player. Emphasis on the "mouth". Porter is the attitude guy on the defense. He's not only a great player, but a great motivator as well, making the players around him better.

    RILB: Jonathan Vilma -- -- Height: 6'1"|Weight: 230|Age: 25|College: Miami, FL

    ~My favorite player in the NFL. Vilma has incredible speed, which allows him to play better than his 230 pounds would normally allow at ILB. He's everywhere at once.

    LILB: Jeremiah Trotter -- -- Height: 6'1"|Weight: 262|Age: 29|College: S.F. Austin

    ~A real hard hitter, much like Joey Porter. Trotter carried the Eagles defense last season when there were injuries and little offensive support. He was a Pro Bowl guy with a lot of character.

    CB: Rashean Mathis -- -- Height: 6'1"|Weight: 200|Age: 26|College: Bethune-Cookman

    ~My shutdown corner. Mathis plays better then you'd expect from such a young guy, and hits harder then you'd expect from a 200 pounder.

    CB: Gary Baxter -- -- Height: 6'2"|Weight: 210|Age: 28|College: Baylor

    ~Baxter is a very underrated guy who didn't get the attention he deserved in Baltimore. In Cleveland, he is sometimes overshadowed by the other talented defensive backs on the Browns' roster, but that doesn't mean he should ever be forgotten, lest some unwitting WR find himself staring at the turf.

    FS: Brian Dawkins -- -- Height: 6'0"|Weight: 210|Age: 33|College: Clemson

    ~BDawk is the consummate defensive leader. He is the best FS playing and his age seemingly does not affect his play whatsoever. He's a Hall of Famer, no doubt.

    SS: Troy Polamalu -- -- Height: 5'10"|Weight: 212|Age: 25|College: Southern California

    ~Troy went somewhat unnoticed in his first few years, but the Steelers' recent surge in the past few seasons has thrust him into the national spotlight. Polamalu is a hard-hitter and a playmaker. 'Nuff said.

    Special Teams:

    K: Neil Rackers -- -- Height: 6'1"|Weight: 212|Age: 30|College: Illinois

    ~Rackers had the best season of any kicker last year. He may not be as proven as someone like Adam Vinatieri, but then, he hasn't had the opportunities Vinatieri has had, either. Look for that to change after the Cards' unbelievable offseason.

    P: Dirk Johnson -- -- Height: 6'0"|Weight: 205|Age: 31|College: Northern Colorado

    ~One of the few bright spots on the Eagles' special teams last year. Johnson is vastly underrated.

    KR: Jerome Mathis -- -- Height: 5'11"|Weight: 191|Age: 23|College: Hampton

    ~Making the Pro Bowl in your rookie season is no small feat, and Mathis did just that. He couples incredible speed with great agility, and opposing teams can barely catch him, let alone take him down.

    PR: Eddie Kennison -- -- Height: 6'1"|Weight: 201|Age: 33|College: Louisiana State

    ~Somewhat sentimental pick. Kennison was one of the better PRs last season, and at his age, that's commendable.

  • ttjakt
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    QB - Peyton Manning

    RB - LaDainian Tomlinson

    FB - Lorenzo Neal

    WR - Marvin Harrison

    WR - Chad Johnson

    TE - Tony Gonzalez

    LB - Ray Lewis

    CB - Champ Bailey

    DE - Jason Taylor

  • 1 decade ago

    QB - David Carr

    RB - Stephen Davis

    FB - Terrelle Smith

    WR - Kevin Curtis

    WR - Travis Wilson

    TE - Marcedes Lewis

    Those are my offensive picks...

  • 1 decade ago

    My QB would have to be Carson Palmer.

    RB would be LT

    WR's Marvin Harrison & Chad Johnson.

    TE has to be Todd Heap.

    K icker Adam Vinitari.

    Those are some of my choices.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have to go with the Pittsburgh Steelers considering they kicked *** last year and will kick *** next year and win 2 out of 3...and then who knows!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Giant + Cowboys + Bears = the best team ever!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    QB- donavan mcnabb

    RB- L.T

    TE- L.J smith

    WR- torry holt

  • 1 decade ago

    qb: farve

    hb: tiki barber

    wr: johnson

    wr: driver

    te: franks

    k: vinateri

    p: saurbrun

  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    sorry, I don't dream of dudes in ANY position!

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