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Gym homework (JIM BROWN)?

I am researching Jim brown and need some of his information please answer at least question.

Where was the athletle born?

What sports did he play?

what college he went or unversity?

what inspired him?

what majar accomplishments has he achieved?

for how many years has he played his sport profesionally?

when did he retire?

what is he going to do after he is retire or is doing?

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    This link has plenty of info.

    Use "wikipedia" for research on any famous person.

  • Jim Brown

    1. St. Simons, Georgia on Februrary 17, 1936

    2. American Football as "One of the Best Running Backs"

    3. Syracuse University

    4. ??

    5. NFL Rookie of the Year, Pro Ball MVP x3, NFL All Time Team, All Decade Team, Lacrosse Hall of Fame,Pro Football Hall of Fame, Best Player Ever by Bert Randolph Sugar

    6. 1957-1965

    7. 1965

    8. Working with kids in gang and running his organization Amer-I-Can

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    Jim Brown was a great running back for the Cleveland Browns in the 1950s and 1960s. When he retired in 1965 he held the record for rushing yardage in a career. He acted in several movies after his retirement including "Mars Attacks".

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    He was a black man... he played foosball...

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