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New illusionist?

Hello all. Me and a friend of mine are starting to get into illusions. We started like a month ago but still dont really know what we could do. We have mastered the vanishing toothpick, balucci levitation, the coke can refilling itself, and the coin through a coke can. We are both 15 years old and are running out of ideas. Can you help us out by telling us what else we can do even if it takes a while to perform it right?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i know of one trick that you take a shot class and a quarter, you put the quarter under the shot glass (with the side of the glass with the hole down) and cover it with a napkin or handkerchief then you say the quarter will disappear and you lift up the glass and the napkin but the quarter is still there then silently drop the shot glass into your lap but make sure that the napkin keeps the shape of the glass!!! put the napkin on the table and say oops it was the glass that was supposed to go through the table!!!!(empisize and slam the napkin and reveal the missing shotglass

    PS: if you use plz tell me how it goes or

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