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Restricting internet access on user account in Windows XP?

Is there a way that I can restrict access or even remove access to Internet Explorer on just one user account in Windows XP? My roomate is downloading porn on my computer, but I still want him to be able to download music so I don't want to completely delete his account.

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    In Windows XP home there is no easy way of restricting access, short of removing access to his account.

    The other way is to buy Norton Internet Security and install the Parental Control, then limit the sites that can be accessed.

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    confident you could. in case you have the pro version of XP then in simple terms pass on your team coverage editor and make it so customer consumers have not got cyber web get right of entry to. you ought to have administrator rights and its actual common to do. i'm hoping this facilitates, good success : )

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    you can install netdog porn filter, it will block porn websites quitely in the background when anyone's on the computer

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