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How much does it cost to ship a treadmill?

I'm on the east coast and trying to sell my Proform treadmill on Ebay because i'm moving and this is the only big thing I need to get rid of. How much will I be looking at paying in shipping and handling costs if someone came to my apartment and picked it up and took it to the buyer's location. Say, the otherside of the US.


Thanks... I was afraid of that!

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    Hi Red! I'm quite aware of freight rates for fitness equipment and have sent such items across country before. I also had some help from some friends.

    Due to the weight of the treadmill you can't send it by normal UPS or Fed Ex. Instead the least expensive way is to send it by common carrier truck. Since you're not a business and you do no regular shipments, you won't qualify for any freight discounts. I assume the weight is around say 175 - 200 lbs. Weight, dimensions, whether the item is stackable or not, if a tailgate is needed for pickup and/or delivery, fuel surcharge, residence pickup/delivery surcharge, shipping/destination points, etc., all go into the common carrier freight cost. Minimal, you'll be looking at freight charges of anywhere from $500 - $1,000 from a common carrier. While a buyer is responsible for freight on ebay, I really doubt you'll find any takers with freight so high, since they could buy new for the cost of freight.

    You have 3 options:

    1. Advertise it locally and sell the unit at a discount, say 25% - 50% of what it cost you for the treadmill.

    2. Donate it to a charity and take a tax write-off for 2007 taxes.

    3. Sell it to a local second-hand fitness equipment store.

    Those options should allow you to find a buyer, because afterall your goal is to git rid of the treadmill before moving. If all else fails I gues he 4th option is to take the treadmill with you. I hope that helps... Let me know how it turns out!

    Source(s): me (a fitness professional) and A2Z Fit at
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    5 years ago

    Ebay Treadmills

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    Going UPS will be pretty expensive...I use to work @ the UPS Store and we shipped out an AB Lounge in it's original box from Michigan to Arizona and it was 156. If you need it boxed up and everything that may run you about 60 may want to just advertise in your local newspaper and have them to pick it will be much cheaper!!

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    1 decade ago

    You need to know how much it weighs, width length and height of the box it will be shipped in. And also where its coming from and going to. Then go to or and put in the measurements to get an estimate.

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    the cost is not correct, I sent it from Philadelphia to Columbus Ohio for only $75. This goes with other items in same truck

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    If your selling your treadmill on e bay.

    The buyer pays for the shipping. Not you.

    Go to


    You can call the toll free numbers to get prices.

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    ship it ups 100 weight might be a little bit cheaper but yes you need to know the weight and size of box.

    better off listing it locally on eBay

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    5 years ago

    Yes, that's a good point

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    5 years ago

    Wow, Thanks! Just what I was looking for. I tried looking for the answer on the internet but I couldn't find them.

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    more than it's worth.

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