Saab 9000 Stereo Error Code E-99?

My Saab 9000 CSE (1994) is displaying Error Code E-99 when I try to use my CD Changer. Any ideas how I reset the unit so I can listen to tunes?

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    1 decade ago
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    Sure you can disconnect the battery that is a quick fix but that will not solve the problem. Is it an after market unit? Take it back to the installer and have them correct the problem. If it is a factory unit then it maybe it's time to change it to an after market unit.

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    You may lose your station presets but on the rare occasion that I've had errors on my in-dash CD player, I have disconnected the car's battery for about 15 seconds and then put it back. This is the only way to remove power from the unit. Good Luck!

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    well its hard but i also would remive the battery and the wires to the cd changerthey pull out then back in

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