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What was the name of that story about the explosives expert? I believe it was written by Joe Haldeman>?

It took place in Viet Nam. (I think.) The guy blew down trees to create landing zones for helicopters, then blew himself up the day before he was to go home. I believe it was a precurser to Joe Haldeman's later "Forever War" series. What collection can I find it in? If it was by someone else, who? And where?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Books by Joe Haldeman

    WAR YEAR (short novel) Holt, 1972

    COSMIC LAUGHTER (anthology) Holt, 1974

    THE FOREVER WAR (novel) St. Martin's Press, 1975 [buy from amazon]

    MINDBRIDGE (novel) St. Martin's Press, 1976

    PLANET OF JUDGMENT (Star Trek novel) Bantam, 1977

    ALL MY SINS REMEMBERED (novel) St. Martin's Press, 1977

    STUDY WAR NO MORE (anthology) St. Martin's Press, 1977

    INFINITE DREAMS (short story collection) St. Martin's Press, 1978

    WORLD WITHOUT END (Star Trek novel) Bantam, 1979

    WORLDS (novel) Viking, 1981 [buy from amazon]

    WORLDS APART (novel) Viking, 1983

    NEBULA AWARDS 17 (anthology) Holt, 1983

    DEALING IN FUTURES (short story collection) Viking, 1985

    TOOL OF THE TRADE (novel) Morrow, 1987

    BUYING TIME (novel) Morrow, 1989

    THE HEMINGWAY HOAX (short novel) Morrow, 1990

    WORLDS ENOUGH AND TIME (novel) Morrow, 1992

    VIETNAM AND OTHER ALIEN WORLDS (essays, fiction, poetry) NESFA Press, 1993

    1968 (novel) Morrow, 1995

    NONE SO BLIND (short story collection), AvoNova, 1996

    FOREVER PEACE (novel), Ace, 1997 [buy from amazon]

    SAUL'S DEATH and other poems (poetry collection), Anamnesis, 1997

    FOREVER FREE (novel), Ace, 1999 [buy from amazon]

    THE COMING (novel), Ace, 2000 [buy from amazon]

    GUARDIAN (novel), Ace 2002 [buy from amazon]

    CAMOUFLAGE (novel), Ace 2004 [buy from amazon]

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