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MSI K8N Neo4 nForce4 Ultra Socket 939 ATX MB w/RAID...wHAT IS THE meaning of that?

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    this is a Motherboard from MSI company ,K8N Neo4 i motherboards Model,The Motherboards Chipsets is from Nforce4 seris, Socket 939 :this Mother Board can Support AMD CPU Sucket 939. your Mother board is ATX form Factor and ...

    if you want more information about this mother board you can visit this Web Page

  • MSI =Micro Strar international

    neo4 =Model name of the completed board

    nforce4 ultra = the chipset of the board

    Socket 939 = the socket that the CPU sists in you need a CPU that is 939 to use with the board

    ATX = the PSU the standard for modern dektop and work station systems or in the case of the motherboard the accepted connection type for the power connectors.

    Raid = Redundant Aray Interface Device , this means you can have a mirror image of your hard drives on the same computer so that if one drive fails you can continue working from the mirror copy. only realy used in business and server systems where uptime and system performance are essential.

    Raid is not so vital in a home computer system.

    Source(s): i hoope that claifies the mystery behind the jargon if that is what you meant.
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