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I am starting a staffing agency in Florida, do I need workmans comp for general Labor?

What do I need to do to set up the agency, specific step by step if available. I have a company name, niche market, and people, just want to make sure I have not missed anything?

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    Not really sure about Fla. but each state has a law for employers that states that if you have x amount of employees you contribute to the state's UI (unemployment insurance ) fund......Some employers get away with not doing this by hiring only part- time employees..

    You will find the correct answer along with other laws for employers at your local, (state) Department of Labor

    Source(s): Former employee of Dept.of Labor
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    Florida mandates that any non-construction business with more than three employees must have workmans comp. Here is what you need to do to start a business, here is how to get the unfair advantage. Get the book Winning in Biz - the book and companion website give you the step-by-step hand-holding of the things to do and how to do them right-the first time-to make your business successful and profitable. If you are looking for strategies that work, if you want an expert on your side - check out

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    YES you need worker's comp. Even if you are just staffing for Office/Clerical, especially for General Labor. Since the temp's are technically your employees, your company is liable for anything that happens to them at the work-site. You can try to go through a PEO like Ameristaff or People2 O They would fund your insurance and payroll but expect to pay a 2%-4% of sales fee. Wish you well. It is a great industry

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    I been in the business for 7 years, YES you have to have Workmans comp for every type position, from clerical (which is what you want, virtually NO injuries)to general labor. Its gonna cost you, so you better have a lot of up front backers, loans, bankers, lottery whatever.....not to mention yo have to show that bank you have at least 52 grand for payroll ! Good luck !

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    Call up your local Small Business Association they will have your information as well as a mentor for you to help you.

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    I have a suggestion. You'll want to process the Work Opportunity Tax Credits on ally your new hires.

    Find me at

    Bill Stegall

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