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Middle Names?!?

Her name is Monica Jeanne Harris. What should her Conformation name be when she grows up? (Remember, she has to have a Conformation name with a saint's name)

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  • Bobbie
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    St. Anne mother of Mary

  • Erika
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    My name is Erika and I did Claire when I made my confirmation last year. My mom's name is Monica and she did Catherine. I also liked Mary, Ann, Theresa, Joan, Nicole (Nicholas) and Natalie (I almost did it but there wasn't enough information).

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    I think you should pick a Saint's name based on what the Saint did, not the actual name.

    How about Joan (d'Arc) for chastity, courage and strength.

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  • Dianna

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Anna, not Anne

    mother of mary

    it's just a different spelling

    i like Anna

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    That should be something that she decides when she is old enough and has enough information to determine which Saint she would like to emulate.

  • Anonymous
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    I know it is simple but I personally like MARIE not maria not mary

    it is the same name but in french

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    She'll pick that one herself when it's time. Besides, it's got to be someone she admires or has qualities similar to her own. If she's still a baby now, you don't know those things.

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