What are the dimensions of the Creative Zen V Plus mp3 player?


I've been thinking of buying the Creative Zen V mp3 player (pink 2GB). I know it plays videos but I want to know if the screen is big enough so I know if the player really is worth it. For those who have it can you tell me the dimensions of the screen? They don't need to be exact, an estimation can be good. Also, I would like to know how's the video, you know, the clarity, the brightness...?


- Azanilia-

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  • CctbOh
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    1 decade ago
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    Go the www.creative.com and check out the dimensions of the product on their website. Also try www.cnet.com they offer reveiws of any product you are interested in and show a video of it.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    oh im sorry yet ur screwed my grandparents offered me one in each of them and it iced over almost immediately so we went bak and were given a sparkling one and it iced over lower back!!! so we were given a sandisk sansa mp3 participant and it extremely works wonderful and we did fee the imaginitive zen vplus and it nevertheless wuldnt artwork and we rested it and it merely had the blue basic on the arrows get rid of darkness from yet nothin else worked

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