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ok there is this girl we been friends for about 6 mos now. and weve gotten to know each other real well, i walk her EVERYDAY from school. I talk to her , and i show her im interested but, shes really shy, we talk sometimes and she be saying something but she forgets some of the words she says and just keeps quiet. And everyday when we have luch together she just keeps quiet to herself and subtle looks at me once in a while. but for the most part i intiate the questions. When we talk bout musik which is something we both love, she looks at me , all time- and smiles , and laughs at nearly everything i say. IS she interested but, just to shy to tell me? thanks-

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    1 decade ago
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    She definently sounds interested. I'm shy and that's exactly how i act around the guy I like (who is also shy too) so our conversations are awkward but i'm starting to warm up to talking to him. Keep showing her that you're interested and it will probably get easier and easier for her to talk to you. Oh, and make sure that you ask her alot about herself..example "What'd you do over break??" like that sort of thing should be a good conversation for you guys. Well, good luck!!!

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    I think that she is shy and maybe when she tries to tell you something and she says she has forgotten the words and she would just keep quiet she is probably tryin to say that she likes you but is not sure if you feel the same way so says nothing ask her what kind of love songs she likes and when she starts to tell you slide in the fact that you like her and see whats her response if she feels the same way she would answer.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes she is definetly interested. She's just terribly shy kinda like me. Just tell her to be herself and not feel shy around you. It may take awhile for her to get use to you or get over her shyness but just stick it out. Because i'm very shy and it takes me awhile to really open up to guys! I wish you two the best!

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    look many shy girls ont know what to say she may be scared of what you will say if she says anything about her feelings to you .You may never know what this girl want or feels if you just dont ask or try and see whats she feels.Now being friends for 6 months she may have grewed feelings for you but ask thats all i can say or read signs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well I am a guy, but before I went out with this one girl in my French class, She laughed at EVERY stupid thing I said.

    we did not talk much at all, but there was a mutual interest

    one day I asked her out, i think if you really wanna go out with her, then you will prolly have ta ask her

  • celi
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    1 decade ago

    just take the lead, she probably wants you to.

  • Rox
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    1 decade ago

    yes she is embarresed to say anything been there did that

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