ok here's how i'm gonna try to tell him.....?

Ok, i've thought about it and I'm gonna try to help my papaw (grandfather) get though his lung cancer. My Papaw lives in my home town, (about 600 miles away from my house now.) but its a small town and i know everyone, I'm 16, but i can finish my schooling here at my old school and go to colllage. I'll get a car and drive myself to school and a job to help pay 4 the house and other things, and i can help my mamaw (Grandmother) around the house and with papaw. This way she can stop running on 2 hourse of sleep a night (like she has been doing) i can get a job at the restraint my friends own and go to college here. What do you think of this idea? i just need to know if it sounds posible or not...i can make this work i knwo i can. But idk how i can tell my dad, and is there anything I've over looked...school,money, job....is that all i need? I can stay with my grandparents and help clean and stuff, what do you guys think someone please give me good advice.......please

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    While what you wish to do is admirable, it may not be practical. Certainly, to go to college a far distance from your grandparents is impractical if you are living with them. An alternative, unless the college is in their town, is to attend college through the Internet with on-line classes. Your college will be expensive and you may not have extra money to help your grandparents with expenses. I am sure just being there to help with your grandfather will be more than enough help for your grandmother. Don't spread yourself so thin that your schooling suffers. The sooner you can get your degree, the better you will be equipped to earn more money and make your lives easier.

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