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A question about Clone?

Hypathedical question here.

Lets say I clone myself when im about 80 years old and my clone is about 20 years.

I have parts of my brain taken out and put in my clone see, Not enough to mess me up but, kinda like a reverse libotomy.

Wouldn't our dna match and therfore heal up?

So wouldn't it be cool if parts of our memorey healed into the clone of you and when you die of an old man, you as a 20 year old remember a life up to 80. So is that kinda like living a longer life?

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    yes, that is true, maybe someday it will be possible

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    You are born with telemeres (that part of DNA that determines how many divisions or life of the cell) At 80 your clone will have telemeres of an 80 year old.

    As far as brain the connection would be very complex and the chemical signals your brain won't contect with your 20 year old body.

    Just few problems with cloning.

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    It would be cool but I think that it is highly unlikely that it will work. The brain is an incredibly complicated cross connected organ and you patching bits in would seem to me impossible.

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    By the time you are thirty you won't want to go through your 20's again.

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    It would still be cheaper just to have some kids and teach them well.

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    like the movie robo cop

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