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gwava0 asked in Consumer ElectronicsTVs · 1 decade ago

I am looking at buying a new TV. What should I know about the technology before making a decision?

What are the pro/con of plasma vs. lcd? What's the difference between 1080i and 1080p? Is there a size where the picture starts to suffer because it is too big?

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    Plasma Pros

    -Better refresh rate

    -Higher contrast Ratio

    -Overall better picture quality

    Plasma Cons

    -Pixels can burn out

    -life expectancy (manufactuers say 60,000 hour lamp, but I doubt that)

    *Don't worry about burn in, it might happen, but you won;t even notice it

    LCD Pros

    -More suitable for gaming

    -Lamp life of 60,000 hours

    -Various sizes

    -Light wieght

    LCD Cons

    -refresh rate is a little slower

    -Contrast ratios average around 2,000-4,000:1

    -Pixels can burn out

    picture quality as a whole isn't as good as a plasma

    1080i is interlaced versus 1080p is progressive. I scans just about every other line then goes and gets the ones it missed, P will scan one after another. P has better picture qulaity, but their is nothing that transmits a "true" 1080p image yet. Perspnally, I would hold off on the P until cable and satelite channels are progressive.

    As far as the screen size goes, a good rule of thumb is the measure the height of the screen (excluding the cabinetry) and multiple it by 4. For example a 42in plasma is 30 inches high, thats 120 inches which is about 10 feet you should be sitting from it at a minimum. However this varies by person someone with 20/20 vision, it might look like crap to, but someone with bad vision, it might look good to. When your at the store, stand away from the tv as far as you would be sitting away from it at home. If it is too blurry, then that screen size is too big. You will probably need a smaller tv.

    If you go plasma, I would suggest panasonic or lg. As far as lcd goes, I would go either samsung, sharp, or sony.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Readers' Choice: HDTV Survey


    Download Now: HDTVs.pdf

    Total posts: 13

    It's about time. This year, along with satellite radios, we add HDTVs to the mix. And, as you might expect, readers rate all sorts of vendors offering all sorts of HD technologies, from plasma TVs and rear-projections to good ol' CRTs. But two companies stand out: Pioneer and Sony.

    If you look at the overall scores across all technologies, Pioneer is king, with a significantly above-average overall score of 9.0 out of 10. This has a lot do with the fact that readers prefer plasmas to all other HD technologies. Pioneer is one of the biggest plasma vendors, and it's the lone Readers' Choice for this segment of the market, with a 9.1 out of 10. It's also the Readers' Choice for rear-projection TVs, with an 8.7.

    In the big picture, across all technologies, Sony is just behind Pioneer, with an overall score of 8.5, and it receives a Readers' Choice award for CRTs (8.4), and LCDs (8.6). Readers also shared their experiences with front-projection TVs, but Sony was the only vendor rated. And because Sony received only 50 responses in total, a Readers' Choice in that niche category will have to wait until next year.


    No one comes close. Pioneer garners the highest overall score. The company comes out ahead on rear-projection TVs and, in particular, plasmas.


    Looking for an LCD model—or even a good old CRT? Look to Sony. And Sony's scores are pretty darn good for rear-projection models, too.


    Plasma: Pioneer; Rear-projection: Pioneer; CRT: Sony; LCD: Sony; Front-projection: None

    Download the HDTV Readers' Survey Results (PDF),1895,2017611,

  • ajponu
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    1 decade ago

    He forgot to tell you that Plasma T.V. run a lot hotter than an LCD. So, in turn the fan in a Plasma is loud.

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    Make Sure that you buy an HD TV (High Definition). This WILL help in the future. Soon, the world's television/dvd/games/ ect. will run using HD cables (Red, White, Yellow cords). This also is a better resolution than the old cable cords. For the other questions, I'm sorry, i cant help you, but try out I'm sure that can help you. Good luck.

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