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Covert Picture to Data?

What I want to do is take a JPEG image (that I scan), and convert it to a .txt document. Is there any software that will do that? What is it?


I am going to take a pile of data that I copy using a scanner (that has name's, number's, address', ect.ect.) I want to convert that image to data, so I can eventually add that data into a program that I am using (VB.NET). What I am going to do is be able to do a search, by name, number, ect. ect. You get the jist of what I am trying to do, but is it possible to do it.

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    Not too sure exactly how you r doing your project but i tell you that the picture itself is data if viewed by a text editor or a hex editor. if viewed by a text editor you would only see gibberish .If viewed by a hex editor you would see hexadecimal numbers.if all this doesnt help type in a search engine...Jpg2txt

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    im not sure if that is possible.

    do you mean that you want the image to be converted to code??

    maybe if you tell us what you are trying to ultimately accomplish i can help.

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