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are all cats bad tempered and temperamental?

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    No not all. It depends on the environment they're brought up in. If you give 'em lots of attention, they shouldn't be any trouble.

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    Not at all. Some are more tempermental than others. Some are just like little rags dolls. I have a Maine Coone cat. She has the sweetest disposition. She never bites or shows bad temper. She is very loving and a great companion. You can go online and research cats by breed and temperment.

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    It depends on how you treat them. Keep in mind that cats are NOTHING like dogs. They won't obey any commands that you give them. Cats are their own leaders. If you try to force a cat to do something, it will get mad and jump on you. Just let your cat do its own thing. Feed the cat when it's hungry and pet the cat often. Don't rub too hard like you would rub a dog, because cats get mad when you do that to them. If you leave a cat alone most of the time and just pet it often, it will grow to love you. Trust me, I know many cats that used to really hate me, but now that I've started letting them do their own thing and petting them when they needed love, they really love me a lot. One of them loves me so much, she's tried to give me so many hugs. I don't like kitty hugs, though. The cat might get a little too happy and stick its claws into my back, but it's still good to know that my cat loves me enough to give me a big hug.

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    I would have to say I have had more troubles with female cats than male cats. Female cats tend to be more vindictive than my my male cats. I have a male cat that absolutely loves everybody that comes around and he comes when he is called. I'm telling you he thinks he is a dog

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    cats for the most part are owner friendly. they surely dont look for affection from strangers and thats what turns alot of ppl off from cats

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    Cats are very like us - they each have their own personalities and temperaments. There are hyper cats, there are lay-back cats, there are kittenish cats, there are dignifide cats, there are goo goo cats, there are cranky cats, there are silly cats, there are profound cats, there are morish cats, there are can't be bothered cats, there are freindly cats, there are snobbish cats...

    wish I could afford to have one of each

    cats cats cats cats cats

    what's the world without them?

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    no, not at all. i have one cat that absolutely adores people and is so friendly. i have not met anyone he doesn't like. and there's another one of my cats that is also very nice just not as social. i know very few cats who are actually tempermental.

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    In my house only one the females are aggresive

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    no not at all. if u care for them they will do the same thing too. just try to be friend them and they'll try to do as much as they can for u. good luck.

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