Are there such thing as witchs?

Like hocus pocus

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    Even the Bible speaks of using Magic but condemns those who do. Basically, the Bible acts as if Mankind were too immature to handle it. So, no, not like Hocus Pocus, but to a certain degree, yes.

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    Not like Hocus Pocus, but yes, witches exist.

  • Kallan
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    1 decade ago

    Are you talking about the movie, "Hocus Pocus"?

    If so, no.

    Are there such things as witches? Yes. There are people who practice a religion called Wicca who call themselves witches. There are also those who may have different religious practices, but also call themselves witches.

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    Not like hocus pocus if you mean the movie. If you mean true witches, then yes. Please don't condemn all witches as magic has two paths. One is light (by the way, the medical field owes its start to this path!) and one is dark. It's the dark path that you have to watch out for. By the way, why are you asking us when you all ready know the answer, dear? Trust in your own instincts and always take the path of light (also called the 'right hand path').

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  • 1 decade ago

    Witches aren't hocus pocus.

    There are two basic kinds of witches today: both practice magick, but some are part of a religion called Wicca.

    That's real basic, but I'm a witch and a Wiccan.

  • If you mean like in Hollywood, with green skin, warts, long crooked noses, or with some type of facial disfigurement or blemish, then no. Those do not exist - they are simply Hollywoods idea, taken from legends and fairy tales like "Hansel and Gretel" where the witch is old, ugly, and mean. More often than not in the fairy tales the witch, like Baba Yaga, is possessed of superhuman strength, speed, the ability to fly using some implement such as a broom or scythe, and is also shown to have sharp claws and teeth that can rip a human apart. However, the idea of a person who can use necromantic magic goes back to the Bible, when King Saul hired a witch to raise Samuel from the dead to give him advice on how to beat the Philistines. A spirit did appear, but it was a demon who impersonated Samuel, perhaps suggesting that the dead are unaccessible to us and anyone "channeling" a spirit or seeing a "ghost" is actually in contact with demonic forces.

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    Yes there are still practicing witches, but none with the instant manifestation power as depicted in books or television. Witchcraft is a broad term for any number of practices.

    The term witch has been used to describe:



    medicine women


    fortune tellers



    and sometimes active participents in 'magic'.

    More nature based practitioners go by the term Wicca.

    But your contemporary witches practice spells and invocations for either good or evil, as they see fit. So yes there are witches, but you won't need the wolfsbane to protect yourself, besides... it does not work.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, hollywood always likes to exagerate things to make them more fun and understandable by non-subtle people.

    I am a witch, and I know many witches, but we aren't particularly ugly, or undead, or able to fly on brooms or vaccuum cleaners.....but where she sings the "I put a spell on you" song and affects the minds of the audience is something that I have seen done...but not nearly as quickly, spontaneously, or intensely.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, not like hocus pocus...but yes, we do exist.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes there are. Some are born, and some have to kind of , convert. However there are less real witches born in the world than people with psychic abilities.

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