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New years resolution (with some stuff on life) :P?

We just cant be nice to each other. No we have to find ways to get back at people. We have secret lives that we dont want others to know about. People afraid to talk to other people. WE cant just express what we want or how we feel. Knowingly doing something wrong and feeling guilty about it, but not wanting to give it up until its ruined your life. Use people and when we're through with them we toss them aside, with no cares on how it will affect them.

Wow wasnt life a whole lot easier when we were kids and didnt have to worry about the drama, work, school, kids, girls, boys, Women, Men, money. Careless and free. But as you get older you think

"Will we become resposible about these types of things?".

My New Years Resolution, be honest with myself, love others, dont hold grudges. If there is anyone ever needs help, i hope i can be there to help them, no matter the situation. The love you take is equal to the love you make.

If you guys have a New Years Resolution i want them

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Great question!!

    One of my resolutions is probably the same as most people: to loose 15 pounds. I am going to accomplish it by training for a 50 mile organized bike ride in April that I have done before and am really looking forward to! :)

    Below is a good article that helps people to easily design successful Resolutions.

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