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how to use mercury "mer control"s for outboard boats?

i just bought a 81 bronco and it came with a 17' seaswirl with a 100hp outboard the control that drives the boat is stuck in go and want to knwo is there a button to make it go in nutreul and for reverse the boat is a 68 but for free it was a great deal with a trailer please help not sure if it even runs as there is no battery

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sounds like your cable might be broken or the linkage back on the motor is disconnected. Sometimes tho the cables for your forward and reverse they get gummed up with dirt and what ever else that can get inside of the cables. The cables can be pulled out of the rubber coatings and cleaned. Kind of a hard task to do but can be done. I have done it before and then when I went back to replace the cable inside the rubber coating I put like an anti-seize coating on it to make it slide better. But you can also buy new cables for them too. The last ones that I bought was roughly $15.00 for one cable.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    disconnect the control cables from the engine and check if the controller works. check if the engine'll need to spin the prop while doing this. you'll need to check the carbs and the impeller before using the motor. good luck.

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