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Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 1 decade ago

Re Dentures?

What is the difference between immediates, temps and permenent dentures?


This means 2 sets of dentures Immediate and Permanent Correct?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Immediate dentures are dentures that are fabricated before you have your teeth extracted, so at the time of extraction the denture is placed immediately - so you never go without teeth. These are great because if you are having all teeth extracted, you are never without teeth. If you are losing some front teeth, you also can benefit esthetically from having the teeth replaced right away.

    Temporary dentures or "interim dentures" are dentures that are not intended to be permanent. If they are partial dentures then they are usually made out of plastic rather than cast metal (like a permanent partial). Complete dentures (i.e. all of your teeth are missing) are less easily to distinguish. Interim complete dentures and immediate dentures are sometimes the same thing. A dentist will make an immediate denture for a patient with a new set of dentures treatment planned for the patient once the extraction sites and gums heal (they change shape when they heal). So, the immediate dentures begin to fit less and less as the gums heal, so a new set of dentures is made (the conventional denture) from scratch.

    I hope this answers the question.

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