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Unplanned...unintentional....am i a messed up friend????

Well the thing is...i am sick and can't go out....i told my friend this yesterday afternoon and she told me that i should come out...i said i can't. but she talked to my other friend but the thing is i am going to my other friends place...i already told her sorry but see...the friend i said yes to...she is more low key and i'm spending the night...nothing huge...i felt bad so i told her on the phone last night that she is invited...but my other friend didn't want her over at her place...so i called her back this afternoon and said sorry....i was honest and she said it was fine but she left an angry voicemail...so i dunno....should i be guilty???

I mean I said no because I didn't want to do the crazy club/bar thing when I sound so haorse and feel sooo miserable...I told her this...and now she's upset but I don't think she would be if I said no to my other friend just to stay over at her place...not even really go out out... but the message made me kinda sad she said your ***** up!


ok atleast i'm being up front...

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    Hmm, tell your friends to work it out. You backed out cuz you're sick, and that can't be helped. But for your friends to be that hateful is inexcusable, not to mention just plain rude. SO, tell the two to either forget about the whole thing and stay home, or shake hands and try to have a good time in your honor. I'm only sorry that your girlfriends are so catty... This is why all my friends have been guys.

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    If you aren't feeling well enough to go out clubbing your friend should not take personally. You should talk with your other friend and see if she would invite her over and have a nice quite evening. It is unfortunate that your friend can't understand that you are really sick but, these things do happen. She will get over it just give it time.

    Happy New Year & get better soon

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    Drama. Im sorry your friends are so whacked.

    You shouldn't be in trouble for getting sick. You didn't do anything wrong. Your other friend wants to go out anyway. Your one friend don't want her over why though? That's pretty wierd. Is she just being messed up? That's not your fault, maybe you should tell the girl you had plans with originally that you two could chill at your place and the second girl who isn't willing to play nice that she can stay home alone?

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    It's not as bad as you think - call your crazy friend tomorrow,

    in the afternoon, and tell her you how you feel about the whole situation.

    If she does not accept your apology you lost a friend that does not care to much about you. Hold on to the friend that you did spend

    the New Years with. She sound much more mature and had her reason why she did not want your crazy friend over to her house.

    You did what was right for you - it is your life - enjoy it.

    Happy New Year.

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    Je ne sais pas. Je suis très confus. Ne vous inquiétez pas à son sujet.

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    I think you should be a bit guilty. But besides that, I think you should talk it over with them. Every human makes mistakes. And if they don't forgive your mistakes, their not your real friends. Cuz real friends will always forgive (maybe not forget, but...) mistakes. So try and talk it over!

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    hey dont worri ur not guilty i have done that be4 lol ppl get over it

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    wow..never in my life had i been so incredibly bored with reading.

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    talk to your friend about it not strangers

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    if you said sorry there's not much more you could do

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