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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceSmall Business · 1 decade ago

What is the process for registering a U.S. salesmark?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To register a trademark, that's done either through your Secretary of State for a State trademark or the US Patent & Trademark Office for a Federal trademark.

    If you are only conducting business in one state, then a State trademark is most appropriate. If you conduct (OR are planning to conduct) business in at least 2 states OR between the US & any other country, you can file for a Federal trademark.

    Prior to investing your time, money & effort into a name, it is strongly advised that comprehensive research be conducted to ensure that the name you're interested in is truly available.

    This entails searching the pending & registered Federal and State trademark files as well as the US National Common-Law files. Then, if clear, you can decide if you would like to file for a Federal or a State trademark.

    Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

    Source(s): -- Contacting your Secretary of State, a listing of links for all states – United States Patent & Trademark Office -- USPTO's Main Trademark Page
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  • 1 decade ago

    Do you mean trademark? If so, look up copyright information at the Library of Congress. gov.

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