In football, why does the center point forward sometimes after lining up?

Sometimes after breaking the huddle, the center will come marching up, crouch down, grab the football and point foward. Why is he pointing? I've seen this for years but never knew why they did it. Thanks.

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    sometimes they point to show blockers that there could be potential blitzing linbackers. sometimes quarteracks like peyon manning do it but sometimes centers do.

  • 5 years ago

    He points at an opposing player to make sure everyone understands their blocking assignment. Blocking schemes are predicated on defensive alignments, which sometimes shift around prior to the snap. Offensive linemen are assigned specific defensive positions to block, but some times it is not clear which opposing jersey represents which position. The center makes an executive decision just before the snap, pointing at the person he has identified as the "mike" or middle linebacker. Everyone else executes their blocking assignments based on shared agreement that the guy the center has identified is the middle or "mike" 'backer.

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    1 decade ago

    He's giving signals to the other lineman. The center is like the quarterback of the line. In other words, he's giving out blocking assignments based on how the defense is lining up.

  • Kev C
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    1 decade ago

    the centers are the ones that call blocking audibles. they adjust who is going to block who or where. he also calls for certain stunts which is fun to watch sometimes but people usually don't notice it,

    (like opening a gap on purpose during a passing protection play, then when a small linebacker blitzs thru it a big man cuts him off and knocks him out)

    centers will aslo call when to step up or move back depeneding on the situation or plays.

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    He is pointing out defensive sets and what to watch for.

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